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The new VQ's 10.6:1 compression piston, with first-ever mass-production usage of diamond-like carbon (DLC) coating.

Here you can see the asymetrical piston skirt configuration for weight and friction reduction, allowing a smooth powerband up to the 7500-rpm redline.

Lengthened, pressure-cast connecting rods for reduction of piston side forces.

Here you can see the perfectly symmetrical true dual exhaust system. Sources say the sound is simply phenomenal. (soundclip below)

The isometric tubular steel exhaust manifold.

The VQ will now have a phenolic plastic intake plenum, replacing the cast aluminum design of the prior VQ. Mirroring the dual exhaust is a dual intake system with twin airboxes and dual throttle bodies.

Listen: .Wav file of the VQ35HR exhaust

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